Synthetic Vs Leather Boots




In the game of soccer, soccer boots is one of the vital elements. With various advantages and disadvantages soccer boots are made of different materials. There are basically two main categories of materials used in today’s soccer boots i.e. leather and synthetic.


Leather boots have the ability to stretch and conform to the uniqueness of one’s foot. Hence, they are often regarded as better and comfortable fit boots. With the passage of time the leather boots stretch more than desired which may result in a drawback and push one to buy a new pair of boots. Due to the thickness of leather boots they provide extra protection to the players foots from huge beating. As the leather conforms to one’s foot, the player gets the feel for the ball. The boots tend to become a part of the foot. But, it has some problems like absorbency. Absorbency makes the boot heavier and harder to clean. With the introduction of hybrid leathers i.e. Nike’s Tiempo Legend IV the absorbent problems are solved by some manufacturers. With a synthetic quarter and treated leather this boot has achieved water resistance. Actually The Tiempo Legend IV is kangaroo leather. Leather boots are separated in two categories i.e. kangaroo and everything else. Major advantages of leather boots are they provide protection, give extra support, they are tough and soft. But, it has some disadvantages too like, they have the tendency to absorb water, needs extra cleaning, limited colors and high priced. Check out our site for effective information about suede leather.


In recent years synthetic boots have got some major improvements. As synthetic materials are manmade it’s very easy to make them water resistant with newer designs and various colors. Synthetics are usually slick in rain which makes difficult for the players to feel the ball. Design like the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX has overcome this weakness. As the materials are organic it’s quite easy to keep the boot in its original form for a long period of time. Major advantages of synthetic boots are, they are water resistant, easy to clean, light in weight and less expensive. While it has some disadvantages like less comfortable, gives less feeling and the break-in time.

Bottom line:

Every boot has its own uniqueness and exceptional design. So, the personal choice is the main preference in choosing the right boot.

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